Winery tours and tasting

Mazzolino Tenuta - Winery
Mazzolino Tenuta - Opening CamaràMazzolino Tenuta - CruasèMazzolino Tenuta - Terrazze and CamaràMazzolino Tenuta - Blanc de blancMazzolino Tenuta - Bowl of CruasèMazzolino Tenuta - Chalice CamaràMazzolino Tenuta - AperitifMazzolino Tenuta - Opening Noir

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at the frequently asked questions and if something is not clear to you send us an email or call us at 0383876122
Can I take children with me during the visit?
Of course. Children are welcome with us.
What types of wine are included in the tasting?
The wines for tasting will be: a sparkling wine (Blanc de Blancs or Cruasé), two of our "everyday" wines (Camarà, Terrazze or Bonarda) and a reserve (Noir or Blanc).
Special conditions reserved for sommeliers
Sommeliers and tasters belonging to an 'Association (AIES, AIS, ASPI, ARS, FIS, FISAR, ONAV, SES, etc.) who come to visit us will enjoy advantageous conditions. Remember to specify your membership association in the notes of the reservation form.
What does the cost of the visit include?
Price includes: tour of wineries accompanied by a winery guide; wine tasting, possibly paired with small mixed platters of cured meats and cheeses, depending on the type of experience chosen.
If it rains will the tour and tasting still take place?
It will be our pleasure to welcome you all the same. Maybe we will shorten the visit to the vineyard, but we will be able to visit the winery and conduct the tasting without any problems.
Compliance with COVID rules?
Our priority is to ensure an exclusive and serene experience. That is why we are implementing a strict protocol in full compliance with all safety and hygiene regulations.