Cultures near and far intertwine at Mazzolino Tenuta

Mazzolino Tenuta - Francesca Seralvo sitting on the barrels in the winery
It all began with an insight.

What I always admired about my grandfather Henry was his determination and conviction in making decisions, and this was also the case when on one of his trips he saw the Tenuta and understood its potential right away. 

A terrain that speaks for itself

At a wonderful dinner with my grandfather Enrico, his two great friends Luigi Veronelli and Giacomo Bologna convinced him that he could make a great red wine with a variety as elegant and delicate as Pinot Noir, and he didn't ask for it twice; after all, everyone had always called this "the Pinot Noir hill."

Our First Noir

After several trials and attempts the first bottle of Noir came out; it was a Bordeaux and represented my grandfather's pride. The land he called Pinot Noir rewarded his enthusiasm and tenacity.

A good result can always improve

Experimentation and refinement of both wines and techniques continued. The first step was taken, now it had to be perfected, refined and made unique. Research, the courage to try, and attention to detail were the bread and butter.

A self-respecting wine must have its own bottle.

While reading his favorite newspaper the "Le Figarò" my grandfather noticed in an article a brilliant winemaker who despite his young age in Bourgogne had already made a lot of noise, so he picked up the phone and contacted him. Kyriakos Kynigopoulos on a dingy November day arrived here at the Tenuta.
He brought the Burgundian tradition to our cellar and finally changed the bottle of Noir to Bourgogne!

Noir packs its bags

Great success and satisfaction, Noir landed on the American and Japanese scene. At that moment, with a great product in our hands, we were ready to set out on a new journey, from the "hills of Pinot Noir" to the East.

The winning combination, tradition and innovation

'There is an air of renewal, I have been chasing my dream for years and have finally taken the reins of the company! In this air of change and with a view to strengthening the company, I have also introduced a new and indispensable collaborator at my side Stefano Malchiodi.

I want to carry on all the teachings I received from my grandfather and his great passion for the vineyard and the Tenuta. The yard is also expanding and two new baby goats, Luna and Luce, have arrived!

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