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We are proud of what we do: we have been doing it well for 40 years. Making and drinking wine is neither a job nor a pastime. It is a way of life that makes us happy.

Family reunited

Tenuta Mazzolino is a story of passion, dedication, but above all of great love for the vineyard and its traditions in total respect for the nature that surrounds it.

The story of the Mazzolino Tenuta began about forty years ago with my grandfather Enrico when, on one of his travels, he was seduced by this land that everyone already called "the Pinot Noir hill."

Two of his great friends, Luigi Veronelli and Giacomo Bologna helped him to embark on this journey; they noticed right away the potential of the white, chalky lands surrounding the winery, land that the French had discovered had a vocation for Pinot Noir back in the mid-19th century, when it was still "Old Piedmont." They began from the very beginning to get the rootstocks and the best wood for aging directly from Bourgogne. In the meantime, my mother, Sandra, had thrown herself with her usual determination that distinguished her into running the winery and never missed an opportunity to take me with her to Mazzolino. I couldn't wait to leave because I knew I would spend whole days among the vineyards, the roses in the garden, the animals in the yard including the ducks, chickens, donkeys and horses.

A few years later, I began to pursue my studies in law, but the call to my roots cannot be ignored, and so when the phone call came from my grandfather asking if I wanted to be the one to take care of the Tenuta full time, of course I didn't think about it for a moment and decided that it would become my life!

And so in 2015 I began to write a new history of the Tenuta implementing it with all the teachings received from my grandfather and enriching it with innovation and creativity. In these cases the ferment of the desire to learn and tenacity are decisive but nothing would be without my team of good collaborators by my side.

We have been approaching organic farming for a long time now, we respect nature to reap the fruit of what we grow every day; constant work and strict respect for the entire vineyard ecosystem are the main ingredients to obtain authentic wines with a strong identity.

Our work and our wines

Family reunitedMazzolino Tenuta - Stefano Malchiodi and Francesca Seralvo in the vineyardMazzolino Tenuta - the vineyardMazzolino Tenuta - Stefano Malchiodi in the vineyardMazzolino Tenuta - Wall of BottlesMazzolino Tenuta - The winery

Our team

We deeply respect the land we have inherited, take care of it and passionately tell the story of it through our work and products.
Francesca Seralvo
Wine Grower
Stephen Malchiodi
Kyriakos Kynigopoulos
Diego Bertani
Giuditta Brandolini
Stefania Longo
Vanjel Bardhi
Lorenzo Properzi
Altin Gjoni
James Perduca